Thursday, September 17, 2009

Furniture Care Quick Tips

Modern Furniture
can be compared to very important investments such as cars, homes, or stocks. You live around it, you use it, and it serves as a form of art by being pleasing to look at. This is why you should take certain precautions to make sure your furniture will last throughout years of use. Some quick tips:

  • Furniture such as leather sofa should be kept out of direct sunlight to avoid color fading.

  • try to avoid placing furniture near windows or directly underneath a window. Dust and other harmful agents such as rain drops exist plentifully around these areas and may damage furniture

  • Avoid placing furniture near heating and air conditioning vents. Warming and cooling a piece of furniture such as wood puts it under varying temperature stress and may cause it to bow or warp.

  • Clean up spills immediately. This is a no brainer. Avoid stains from becoming permanent or being the cause to furniture erosion by cleaning it up right away.

  • Dining tables should be safe guarded by coasters, table mats, and table cloths. Glass can get stained permanently. protect it when you have guests over or avoid eating on the bare table often.

  • Don't slide furniture from place to place. Legs of beds and sofas are made to withstand stress from above, not side to side. This can break the legs of your furniture and compromise the frame. Pick up the furniture instead. Use extra help if you need.

  • Accents on furniture such as nightstands, dressers, tables should be rotated periodically so rings will not form and color will be evenly distributed.

  • Clean your furniture by wiping dust with a wet damp cloth. Do so at least once every month and a half. clean furniture and a clean place elevate your mood and makes you appreciate your furniture more.

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