Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Armani Xavira Furniture Collection

812-180 Modern Armani Xavira Lacquer Dining Table

Armani Xavira Flair Bed AA215-200
The Armani Xavira furniture collection is taking the United States by storm.

The Armani Xavira furniture collection is taking the United States by storm. Its luxurious furniture is adding style to homes all over the 5o states. Even though Armani Xavira has nothing to do with Giorgio Armani Clothing Designer, it is becoming more and more famous as we speak.
Armani Xavira offers luxurious dining tables and chairs in black or white high
gloss lacquer or crocodile texture
. Also, they are proud to bring luxury beds in both leather and fabric to the US. Last but not least, their leather sofa collection has modernized homes nationwide.
The crocodile texture on the stylish Armani Xavira dining tables and chairs is not a stick on, it is carefully laser cut by hand into the black or white shiny lacquer, so it is gauranteed to last for a long time.
Armani Xavira Flair Bed
(AKA Fire bed) in a sexy red fabric covered in
crystals comes with red lacquer crocodile texture nightstands
. It is becoming extremely popular and is adding that missing spark into American bedrooms.
The Armani Xavira furniture collection is available for purchase at LA Furniture Store.


contemporary furniture said...


nice furniture, keep blogging thanks for sharing

leather sectional sofa said...

nice furniture collection

Aico Furniture said...

Who produces the armani xavira collection? I am very interested in getting this!

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