Friday, September 12, 2008

Modern Platform Bed from LA Furniture Store

Why Buy a Platform Bed?

Features and Benefits of Platforms

Are you considering purchasing a platform bed? If so, we can assure you that platform beds have come a long way since their original introduction as an economical means of raising a mattress off of the floor. Available in a multitude of styles, sizes, and materials, these versatile beds are enjoying renewed popularity right now.
Platform Beds Come in a Wide Selection of Styles: Though once considered strictly modern, platform beds are now available in styles ranging from traditional to country to cottage, and in metal, wood, and more economical wood products.

Platform Beds are Comfortable: Now that mattresses in all feels are so supportive, well-padded, and thick, there is very little need for a boxspring. You can sleep comfortably and soundly on only your mattress.

Platform Beds are Easy to Move: Without the hassle of moving a boxspring, platforms are ideal for apartment living or any short-term situation. Make sure to take a look at our selection of UPSable platform beds if you are interested in lightweight, easily-moveable options.

Platform Beds are Healthy: Boxsprings are a huge dust/dust mite harbor. In general, people with allergies are better off avoiding the extra breeding ground for mites that boxsprings can provide.

Platform Beds Provide Extra Storage: Many platform beds have the option of matching storage drawers that are built-in beneath the bed. These beds are perfect for teenagers, college students, or anyone that would like to avoid vacuuming beneath the bed!
Platform Beds Make your Room Look Bigger: By not having the bed so high, you create more open sight-lines and the appearance of a larger, more open room.

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What an amazing bed!! Check out this one too for Platform Bed.

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