Friday, January 11, 2008

The Calligaris Collection

Background means Experience

Antonio Calligaris's shop started its production in 1923, manufacturing its "Marocca" chair.
By the conception and adoption of the first manufacturing machine for straw seats, in the sixties,
the company started its journey towards innovation.
Today Calligaris is a market leader in chairs and furniture. The Strength of the company is carrying on the
tradition by looking at the future.

To Calligaris, Quality is Passion

Calligaris quality goes beyond certification, each product is treated with care and passion taught
by handcrafting tradition.

Research is Continuous at Calligaris

New designs are created by emerging consumer tendencies. The Strenuous research for innovative
materials, the consolidated cooperation with internationally renowned designers and the engineering
enables Calligaris to offer high quality products with Style.

Service means Care at Calligaris

Experience, organization and competence make Calligaris a sound and reliable company,
from manufacturing to after-sale service.

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