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Decorating Your Home with Mirrors for a Modern Touch

Mirrors are great d├ęcor pieces because they add vitality and glamor to a room. They make small spaces look larger and can accessorize a room by using different sizes and shapes.

Check the following guidelines if you are having a hard time deciding what shape and size of a mirror to hang on your wall.

Mirror Size and Shape

  • Vertical Rectangle Mirror

Vertical rectangle mirrors are the most popular because of their versatile, standard form. They simulate a painting, so you can treat them the way you do a painting. Just like an artwork, you can hang this mirror above a mantel. To establish awesome depth, hang two mirrors on the opposite walls of your living room. Another option is to hang a single mirror directly across a window to magnify the light. This will brighten up your living room, making it livelier and appealing.

  • Horizontal Rectangle Mirror

Pick a horizontal rectangle mirror if you want to fill your living room space that is above a lengthy expanse. This mirror is perfect above a fireplace, too. Another nice area to hang a horizontal rectangle shaped mirror is in the hallway above a rectangular, low buffet. This serves the purpose of taking a last-minute check on how you look before leaving the house, like checking your makeup or having a final look of how your look. The horizontal rectangle mirror will make a low-ceilinged home look less cramped. Dress up your bar by hanging this mirror shape behind the bar counter.

  • Large Round Mirror

Round is a most preferred shaped because it makes leveling easier. Anchor your room by hanging a large round shaped mirror to create a maximum impact focal point. A no frame or thin-framed large, round mirror will make your living space look cool and cheerful while a bejeweled frame will add drama, adding elegance to the room. On the other hand, create a vanity space by placing a desk behind a wall and hang this shape and size of a mirror on the wall.

  • Small Round Mirror

Revitalize your living room interior with a small round mirror. Find a corner with no windows and create a quiet corner by placing a chaise lounge and hanging a small round mirror. The window will cheer up the interior so it will not look dull and lonely. A petite powder room or a room with a tall ceiling would also benefit by adding a small round mirror on the wall. For a room with a tall ceiling, hang the mirror above an artwork to maximize the tall ceiling. Give your living room a superior gallery look by hanging a cluster of these mirrors above a long modern sofa on your wall.

  • Oval Shaped Mirror

Oval is the classic mirror shape that is an influential design component. It is softer than a rectangle and larger than a round mirror. Oval mirrors are great when placed above a console table in an entryway. Hanging an oval mirror between two windows in your living room breaks up the straight lines while also giving the impression of a third opening.  An angular oval shaped mirror would add more interest in any room.

  • Floor Mirror

A floor mirror is a common sight in a bedroom. However, this mirror can brighten up other areas of your home, too. Energized a corner of your living room by placing a tall floor mirror against a wall. Make your home office or den look larger by having a floor mirror. It will also be a great addition to have if you have a walk-in closet.

Reflect the light from your dining room’s chandelier by hanging this mirror between two sconces. Make your fireplace useful this summer by hanging a mirror behind pillar candles. The mirror will reflect the soft, flickering light, giving an even softer flow in your living room for that warm, ambient feel.

Now that you have an idea of what mirrors to use when decorating your home, you can start reinventing the interior of your home. Visit any modern furniture LA and check their latest furniture design and styles. They also have a good selection of mirrors to go with your current pieces!

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