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Arrange Modern Furniture Based on these 6 Tips

The way you arrange furniture affects the overall look of your home. Visual appeal, comfort, and function are the main objectives of design, but how do you achieve this with furniture arrangement. Have an organized home without losing on its aesthetic appeal and function by following these 6 tips on modern furniture arrangement.

6 Tips on Modern Furniture Arrangement

  1. Function or Purpose

Determine the purpose of the room is the most important element in home decoration. Once you have done this, you will be able to identify the modern furniture, furnishings, and accessories needed for the room.

For example, if the room will function as a study room or mini office, the furniture pieces you would need include a desk, an ergonomic chair, shelves, and fixtures like lighting. In other words, you need to have furniture that will serve the purpose of the room.


If you intend to use the room exclusively for entertainment and game room, then have a modern TV stand, a coffee table and end table, modern sofa, an ottoman, bar table and stools. Stools that feature 360-degree are better so you can easily see what going on around. You would also need shelves to store your gaming stuff like cards or work puzzles.

2. Establish a Focal Point

Your first task before placing the furniture in the room is to set a focal point. The focal point will be your guide when arranging the furniture pieces. Architectural features like a fireplace and windows are great focal points. If you'll have a window as the focal point, make sure that it faces a pleasant view of a lake or a garden. Arrange the furniture so it faces the window. Always consider the comfort and warmth when arranging furniture.

For example, place the furniture in the living room so people can sit comfortably and enjoy their conversation. This means that they do not need to turn or twist to participate in the conversation. So modern sofas or chairs should face each other and use the coffee table as the focal point.

If it is a TV room, use the TV as the focal point where sofas face the unit.

3, Choosing Modern Furniture

Once you have established the purpose of the room, it is time to choose the appropriate furniture. Selecting the correct modern furniture will achieve the purpose of the room. Check your current pieces and decide which of them should go and should stay. This will save you money and let you buy other pieces that you need. List down the furniture pieces that you need to fill the space, putting in mind versatility, functionality, durability, and cost.

4. Traffic Pattern

To establish a traffic pattern, avoid placing the furniture where it will obstruct entry and exit. Always consider adequate traffic flow when arranging modern furniture.

5. Make Small Adjustments

Fine tune the furniture arrangement. This refers to making a few small adjustments to achieve optimal comfort and function.

6. Finishing Touches

This refers to adding accessories like lamps, painting, wall art, mirrors, or sculptures. Whether you choose to have floor or table lamps, make sure that the illumination depicts the ambiance you want to have in the room. If the room is intended for reading, mount tasks lighting at least 24 inches high for effective lighting.

If you need to put vases, photo frames, or candle burners, this transitional console table would be a great furniture piece to hold these items. Again, consider your present items and decided which of them you want to keep. Remember, to keep comfort and reception for your family and guests!

These 6 steps are natural improvements that make the process of arranging modern living room furniture easy. By following these tips, you will find that furnishing, redecorating or changing the look of your home much easier!

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