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Great Ideas for a Modern Dining Room Layout


The dining room is a special place in the home. Its primary function is to enjoy meals together with the family and friends over lengthy conversations, laughter, tears, and other emotions. It also serves as an area for heart-to-heart talks, a study place, and bonding area where the family can enjoy a game of board games.


It is important that your dining room reflects your lifestyle and provides a comfortable setting for you, your family, and guests. The size of the room is one of the factors to consider when designing your dining room layout. It is your basis for determining the size of furniture to purchase and where and how to place it. Following are a few great ideas for a dining room layout.

Dining Room Layouts


Eat-in or Breakfast Nook

This design has the eating area near the kitchen. Set the eat-in or breakfast nook near the cooking area if your dining room includes the kitchen. Have three walls surround this area for a cozier, relaxing look. Limit the furniture to make the place look more spacious.

  • lit180100_72425_reese_bench_wood_lr_01_dsc_7801_copy__1478573110_68879A round, oval, square or even a rectangular table with three or four chairs and a bench are good choices.


  • Place the modern dining room set in a corner of the room to present a built-in appeal. It would be nice if it there was a window near it because you could have a glimpse of the morning sun while enjoying breakfast. Windows create a cozier and warmer feel. Hang large wall mirrors to make your nook feel airy if there are no windows,  You can also use this space as a study area.


Small Dining Room

There are several techniques to make a small dining room look open and roomy although it may be a big challenge decorating this space. Here is how you should start.


  • Look for a modern extendable dining table. Extendable dining tables have leaves that easily slip under the tabletop. It can accommodate more people once you extend the leaves, which is a great thing for larger gatherings. Buy modern dining room chairs that you can use for other purpose or place in the other areas of your home.


  • Get a modern buffet where you can display your decorative chinaware, glassware, cutlery, and other dining items. Use the surface to hold displays like a piece of sculpture, a decorative, an attractive candle holder or pot of plant.


  • Hang a mirror over the buffet to make the room look larger. Another alternative is to mount a plate rack on the wall to serve as an accent piece.


  • Armless dining chairs are the best choice for small dining rooms. It allows everyone to move more freely while eating and makes space look less congested.


  • Make your small dining room look larger by choosing a round pedestal table. The lack of corners gives you more room to adjust and prevents each other to bump elbows.


Large Dining Room

A large dining room gives you more flexibility to choose different sizes, designs, and styles of modern dining room sets. Following are some tips when choosing modern dining room furniture.


  • Pick a style (contemporary dining room, modern dining room, or traditional dining room) that best suits your d├ęcor. This will help in narrowing down your furniture choices.


  • Place the dining room table in the center of the room when arranging your furniture. Position the dining table under your lighting fixture if the living room and dining room shares the same area. Use this as your guide when placing the other furniture pieces like the chairs, buffet, and lighting. Any dining table shape is suitable for larger dining areas.


  • Next, position decorative accessories and other furniture pieces with storage space, table lamps, etc. in the remaining free space.


Make your dining room exciting this coming holiday season. Explore and try these great ideas for your dining room layout! Check the net and search for modern dining room sets sale!

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