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Live Comfortably in a Studio Apartment with Modern Furniture


It is not surprising to know that more people live in studio apartments because of the continuing high cost of real estate. Studio apartments have limited spaces, where the homeowner needs to have only the necessary items. Multipurpose modern furniture is the best choice when living in studio apartments.


People living in studio apartments include students, single individuals who either live on their own or share the space and even couples with one or two kids. It is a big challenge decorating studio apartments and making it look multi-functional. There may be instances that it can look disorderly and messy because of the limited space. Make your studio apartment a livable and functional space by following these tips.


Tips to Having a Functional Studio Apartment

Choose a Theme. Pick a theme that will bring a harmonious ambiance and feel into your studio apartment. Stick to a simple and well-defined theme.


Paint Color. Choose light colors like off-white, cream to make your apartment appear larger.


Define the Space. Defining your space will make each area private and a sense of space. This will help you manage and utilize the limited space and make separate functional living areas. Bookcases, open shelves, blinds, or even sofas are great room dividers.


The Size of Furniture. Measure the assigned space for each room. Avoid choosing big pieces of furniture. Keep in mind that the room will appear larger if more floors are visible. So, pick furniture that has legs. Choose furniture that is appropriate to the size of each area but do not fill your space with small pieces of furniture. It is better to have one big modern sofa than have four or five chairs.


Furniture Design. Keep it simple and striking. Make use of multipurpose furniture to prevent clutter. With a limited space, you cannot afford to have items scattered on the floor or pile up on top of the other or other furniture.


Pick furniture that offers storage space. Modern furniture designers have introduced practical, dual-purpose, and space-saving furniture.


Establish a Focal Point. A focal point is important in small spaces. For example, a red modern couch is a perfect focal point in the living room or a melodramatic bed in the bedroom. Again, make sure that the size of your accent furniture is appropriate for the size of the room. Try this Estro Salotti Sosia Modern Cognac Italian Leather Hand Accent Chair featuring a striking, unique design.


Furniture Layout. This part is where you can have a few problems. It is a fact that decoration small or limited spaces are challenging. You need to make your studio apartment attractive and useful and make it attractive and elegant.


The secret in having an efficient, comfortable, and attractive studio apartment lies in the furniture layout. Place furniture appropriately to avoid blocking traffic through the space. A better method to keep your area functional is having an “L-shaped” layout. This allows good traffic preventing people to bump into each other or knock the furniture.


Assign the corner as your bedroom space. If there is an alcove, use it as your bedroom.


A modern bed with storage would make your bedroom clutter-free and convenient...


...or even a sofa bed, offering you a seat during the day and a bed at night.


Furniture Design. Opt for minimalism. Modern furniture design is  simple yet practical design. It would turn your limited space into a cozy and elegant home. Sleek designs with polished finish would give that luxurious feel.


For modern living room furniture, your choices range from a loveseat, L-shape sectional, sofa with extended base or shelves.


You can add two or three pieces of chairs...


...or a bench with a backrest.


You can create a foyer by hanging a large mirror on the wall and place an accent table with drawers or shelves beneath the mirror.  Hanging a mirror in your living room would make your space larger, so take note of that!


Studio apartments normally have the dining and kitchen together. Why not make this room efficient and serviceable by having the Modrest Sven Contemporary White Walnut Floating Bar Table. You can use it as a bar table and a dining table, too.


Get a couple of bar stools to pair with it.

sbl_9211_72877_markham_grey_9_6_2016_lr_01__1475049572_28904Living in a studio apartment is not an excuse for not having an inviting and comfortable home. With the design, proper choice, and layout of furniture, wall paint colors, and accessories, you can turn your small space the envy of your friends!

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