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Fine Dining at Home with Glass Modern Dining Tables


I grew up with wooden dining tables that have glass and my mother would normally put a lace table runner under the glass. And this would make our table look elegant! This style has changed now as we see modern dining tables with glass tops.


Glass top dining tables are of the easiest methods to decorate the dining room. While it is true that hanging a painting on the wall and a grand chandelier on the ceiling can smarten the dining area, the charisma of modern glass dining tables is irresistible! This is because the dining table is the central focus in the room, taking the attention of anyone entering the dining area.


Guests are led to sit on the table so they would definitely see how it looks and how it was made. By just looking at your dining table, they would know your taste!


Glass top modern dining tables are available in the usual table shapes we know -- rectangular, round, square, and oval. Furniture manufacturers used tempered glass, as this kind of glass do not break in pieces. A multi-layered screen protector, tempered glass has an absorbent silicon, ET film, and a visually clear adhesive tempered glass and eleophobic coating underneath. This makes the tempered glass up to 5x stronger than normal glass.


Modern glass dining tables are made using two or three materials. There is, of course, glass and either has a wooden or stainless steel/chrome legs and frame.


The new feature of dining tables is their extendable ability. Extendable dining tables offer the opportunity of having a table that can accommodate 6, 8 or even 10 persons even if it used to accommodate only 4 or 6 persons. This feature is a great innovation, making the table versatile!


Selecting the modern dining table appropriate for your dining area is not easy. With the number of designs and styles available in the market, you can get confused deciding which one should you buy and which one is of good quality.


When buying a dining table, decide on the size of your dining room and how many are you in the house?


Black or Clear Glass Dining Tables

Black glass dining tables are the most popular, as they fit well in both modern and contemporary home styles are very luxurious and elegant.


Clear glass dining tables come next. Like the black glass dining tables, they too have style, except that the black table tops are more sophisticated in look.


Compact or Square Glass Dining Tables

These tables are perfect for small families and are living in small spaces. These are also great for working single professionals. Don’t ignore the modern square dining tables, though, as some feature extendable leaves!


The Leg or Base Design

The design of the legs or base completes the elegant look of the dining table. Putting innovation to the fore, you can see tables with geometrically-designed legs, one big base, intertwined legs that are made of the same material as the frame, such as chrome, stainless steel, black-coated finished stainless steel,...


...or Rosegold steel like the Modrest Oro Rosa Modern Rosegold Dining Table.


Who says fine dining can only be experienced in expensive restaurants and hotels? With modern dining room furniture, you can absolutely have that fine dining experience right in the heart of your home – the dining room!

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