Sunday, February 5, 2012

Five Essential Pieces of Furniture to Make Your Patio More Functional

Providing you with a more natural ambiance to relax is the patio.  With the choice of appropriate furniture, you can make your patio more functional and relaxing.

Lay back, put your feet up and relax with your patio chaise lounge while you take a sip of your drink, wine, coffee or tea.  Contemporary designed patio chaise lounge are equipped with side tables.  You can also find modern chaise lounge that are made of weather proof materials that features a sleek curvy design.

Invigorate your veranda with a patio umbrella or gazebo.  It protects you from the sun and the rain so you can enjoy outdoor relaxation and dining.

A modern rattan outdoor hanging bed gives you a different place and mood to relax.   It makes you feel like you are being swayed like a baby.

If the idea of resting on a hanging bed does not suit you, then why don’t you try getting an outdoor round day bed with canopy?  Your eyes are protected from the sun’s rays and the dazing light of the skies with the canopy.  A different way to sleep outdoors even at night, too.

Provide more seating with a patio bar set.  Get one that has cabinets so you can keep your wine, glasses and snacks.  It saves you on space as well.  This gives you a setting of having a bar in your own place.

Well, aside from the above five pieces of furniture to make your patio more functional, you also need to provide other pieces depending on the purpose of your patio. 

With the new furniture that has been designed by modern and contemporary designers, you can find plenty of variations with the simple patio lounge set.

Check on the site of and you will see this new round patio lounge set.  Its main feature is a retractable sunbrella with padded cushions.  Two padded cushion seats can accommodate two persons.  The round table is made of wicker with a glass top measuring 7mm.  

They also have new patio furniture that features LED lights.  This new feature is controlled with a remote.  Make your patio more functional and up-to-date with these new patio furniture pieces only from LA Furniture Store.

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