Saturday, January 14, 2012

Be Productive in Your Work by Choosing the Best Office Chair

An office environment usually requires the worker to sit for longer periods.  It may feel good for a few hours but sitting for more than four hours is bad for your health particularly your back.  You at least need to get up and stretch every two hours.  This can be aggravated if your chair does not provide you the proper support that you need.  To prevent you from getting back pains, you need to choose a good office chair.  An office chair is one of the important pieces of furniture in the office.  An employee’s productivity will double if he is provided with a good chair.

Here are the characteristics of a good office chair:

Comfort must be your first requirement when choosing an office chair.  This can be obtained if you buy an ergonomically designed office chair.  This means that the chair follows the contour of your body.  Ergonomically designed office chairs can be modified so you can create your best seating position.

The perfect height adjustment for most people ranges from 16 – 21 inches.  Your feet must be flat on the floor and your arms must be leveled with the surface of your desk.  The seat must be broad enough so your body can fit comfortably.   Its depth must fully support your back when you lean on the backrest.

Back support is likewise essential when choosing for an office chair. When you sit for long periods of time, your spine curves inward and if it is not correctly supported, you will develop back pains.  The ideal width for the backrest is between 12 to 19 inches.  The chair must also be capable of being tilted so you can position it forward or backward.

Its armrests must likewise be modifiable to give you maximum comfort.  The height of the armrests must allow you to rest your arms conveniently even as you relax your shoulders.  Your forearms must not touch the armrest when you are typing or writing.

A chair that can turn around is excellent, as you can easily move without extending and injuring your arms or legs.

A good quality office chair is made of good quality materials.  Fabric is a good choice for an office chair because it will keep you cooler even at work.  Its cushions must be padded adequately for comfortable seating.

Buy a chair that does not limit your movements.  Choose a chair with a 5-star base for it is more stable.   

The above characteristics will help you choose the best office chair and will make you productive with your work.

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