Friday, March 2, 2012

Maximize the Use of a Buffet Table

Buffet tables serve you more purposes making them a practical and functional piece of furniture

Modern furniture manufacturers have given buffets a more contemporary design and style.  This has made buyers a tough time to choose which type of buffet to purchase.  I advise consumers to buy a buffet that will serve their needs and not only to impress guests.  Knowing your goal for buying a buffet will definitely guide you on your purchase.  

A buffet with built-in drawers and shelves provide extra storage spaces for your dining items.  On the other hand, a longer buffet is useful particularly if you love to throw parties.  Whatever style of buffet you choose, you must remember that it should blend well with your dining room’s furniture, furnishings and wall paint color.

Providing extra storage spaces is the buffet with fitted shelves, cabinets and drawers.  If your cupboard is not enough to keep your dining ware, the buffet is your alternative.  Display your nice-looking dining ware, cutlery, glass ware, table runner, napkins, etc. in your buffet hutch.  It will give your dining room a striking appeal because of its aesthetic side.  Choose buffets with glass doors so your dining items can be seen and likewise be protected from dust and dirt.

If you love to host parties, a lengthier buffet would be ideal.  It can serve as a dining or a serving table.  Use a fine table runner or cloth to cover its top to protect it from any food and liquid spills.  Using it as a serving table is especially convenient especially for big gatherings.

On the other hand, you can also use your buffet for accent.  You can have an ornamental vase on its top.   Family pictures, plaques, trophies, scented or floating candles can also be placed on the buffet top.  

You can likewise have a buffet hutch on your hallway.   Mount a mirror above the buffet hutch and candles and fresh flowers on its top.  Ornaments or potpourris can be stored in its shelves.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways where you can use a buffet in your home aside from situating it in the dining room.  Use your imagination to create various ways of maximizing the use of a buffet table along with your other pieces of modern furniture.

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