Monday, February 27, 2012

House Plants to Lighten Up Your Living Room

One of the best ways to lighten up your living room is to have house plants.  These will not only provide a fresher look in your room but will likewise disinfect the air inside it.

If you compare a living room with plants with a living room without plants, which one would you choose?  Although the presence of functional and elegant furniture provides a comfortable and pleasing appearance for the room, it is still different if you see some plants that blend with your furniture, furnishings and decorations.  Even though furniture adds to the aesthetic appearance of the room, the presence of plants adds a softer, cooling effect that is different with that of the furniture.  Resting your back on your sofa’s wide soft cushions and leaning your head on its adjustable headrests will be more satisfying and gratifying with plants inside your room.

Some homeowners fill their room with too many plants that it floods the room making it look like a greenhouse.  This tends to take away the attention from the furniture.  Plants must be placed strategically without covering the faces of each other when conversing.  It must not block entrances and walkways, too.  

If you intend to put more houseplants inside your living room, you can assign a corner and arrange the plants there to make a little garden inside your home.  Nevertheless, you need to make certain that these are plants can thrive even if they are situated inside the home.  These are called houseplants.

Some of the houseplants that you can have for your home are:

Peace lilies have anthurium-like white flowers and white big, green leaves.   

Poinsettias are well-known with its red flowers although it also has white, orange, pink and dappled.  

Moth Orchids bloom every 3 months and can be placed near the window or door to produce more flowers. 

Lady Palm has fan-shaped leaves and does not need to be repotted regularly. 

Surviving with less care is the Sweetheart Plant that need frequent watering, light temperature and shade.

Choosing houseplants that need less attention are good options if you do not have much time to take care of them or if you do not have a green thumb.  The aesthetic appeal of your living room will be further enhanced with their presence.

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