Saturday, February 11, 2012

Clean Your Leather Sofa to make it Last Longer

Although leather furniture is known for its durability, it does not mean that you do not need to clean it.  Cleaning your leather sofa will make it to last longer saving you from buying a new one.

First, you must know that leather will deteriorate if it gets exposed to heat, dust and sunlight.  Excessive heat and sunlight dries leather causing it to rupture or break and deface its luster.

The following instructions will help you to clean your leather sofa to make it last longer.

Do a weekly vacuuming of your leather sofa.  Use the soft bristle attachment to vacuum the sofa.  Vacuum its bottom by removing the cushions.  Do not forget to include the corners. 

Pour a small amount of liquid soap on a damp cloth and work to make a foam.  Squeeze the water out from the cloth completely.  Before using this on your leather sofa, wipe it on a small area either on its back part or the bottom area and wait for 24 hours.  If no discoloration is seen, you can use this to clean your leather sofa.

Wipe spills immediately so it will not be absorbed by the leather.   Use a damp cloth to wipe the spill making sure you do not spread it all over.  Pat the damp cloth on the spilled area.  Use a soft, dry clean cloth to dry the area.  On the other hand, a dry cloth must be used for oil spills.  Sprinkle baby powder to absorb any excess oil.

Ink blots can be removed by using a hair spray.   Squirt a small amount on the ink stain then use a dry cloth to wipe it.  Repeat the procedure until the ink spots are totally eliminated.  Always remember not to spread it when you wipe the blot.  Just concentrate on the ink stain.

Mildew can be removed by mixing one cup of rubbing alcohol and water.  Drop a little amount of the mixture on the mildew and wipe it with a soft dry cloth.

If you are to use any cleaning products, make sure that they are of good quality.  Some chemicals may cause the color of the leather sofa to fade.  Only use cleaning products that are intended for leather materials.  Likewise, use a good quality leather conditioner to clean your leather sofa every two years.  Proper maintenance will take care of your leather furniture.

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