Saturday, January 28, 2012

What You Need to Know When Buying a Sofa Bed

A very functional piece of furniture, sofa beds can be used in either small or large homes.  Aside from serving you dual purposes, it is also an interesting piece that can grace any room in the home.
Sofa beds can be used in the living room, bedroom or guest room.  It maximizes the available space you have and is a good option even for students living in dormitories.  It will also suit a person who lives in a studio type apartment.   
Here are some tips to remember on buying a sofa bed.
It should rate 10 for convenience and comfort.  Buy a sofa bed that has a firm, thick mattress.  The mattress should be 4 inches in width and with excellent coil back springs to give you comfort while sleeping or by lying on it.  Cushions must similarly be firm and thick. 
It must be easy to maneuver.  Since its original form is a sofa, you must not have a hard time opening it up as bed and a couch.   
Choose a sofa bed that is made of sturdy materials particularly the body.  It must be able to support the person sitting and sleeping on it.  The frame is very important since it is used for two purposes.  Make certain that the materials used are durable for it will be folded and unfolded frequently.  Linen fabric is an ideal choice, as it does not tear easily.
Check if the fabric was treated particularly if you choose a light-colored material.  A treated fabric will not cause it to stain easily nor will it get easily damaged.
Before finally paying for it, test the sofa bed by opening it up and closing it.  Sit and lie on it for a few minutes.  This is the only process where you can fully check its comfort.  Make sure that you get the value of your money when buying this piece of furniture.

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