Monday, January 9, 2012

Dining Room Furniture: Would you go for Real Wood or Lacquer?

Dining room furniture is made of various materials and one of the principal materials used is wood.  Some are made from real wood while others are from lacquer.  The question is which of these two materials is better?  Knowing the qualities of each one can help you decide the next time you buy a new dining set. 

Real Wood Furniture

The basic reason why some homeowners choose real wood furniture over lacquer is its craftsmanship.  Real wood can be easily identified with the “real wood furniture seal”.  Check for this seal if you want to buy a dining set that is made of natural wood.   

Real wood is also classified into two groups:  soft and hard woods.  Either of these two groups of wood is suitable for indoor furniture.  Certain types of wood can be had for outdoor furniture such as teak wood for your patio.   

Its being easy to maintain is another good quality of wooden furniture.  Regular dusting will keep your wood furniture to lasts you longer.

Both softwood and hardwood can be carved although the former is easier to carve making it cheaper than the latter.

Wooden furniture can add to the welcoming and comforting appeal of your home.

You can always find furniture made from real wood at affordable prices.

Lacquer Furniture

Used as a finishing for wood, lacquer hides the color and wood grains.  Furniture that has a lacquer finish can either be silky or matte.  The silky look is the most favored though.  

The lacquer finish safeguards your furniture from cracks or gaps that is common with wooden pieces.
Marks and stains are not easily seen but must still be wiped off immediately.

It can easily fade if it usually gets wet or moist. 

It is durable and lasts longer. 

To protect your lacquer furniture, spray a few amount of polish regularly and wipe it with a clean cloth to maintain its luster.

Your choice of material for your dining room set does not matter much, as it is more important to buy one that is appropriate for the family.  Likewise, it should suit your personality and must fit your requirements.  Real wood or lacquer furniture are both durable and will last you longer; nevertheless, you still need to observe proper maintenance.

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