Friday, December 16, 2011

Different Kinds of Lights for Your Home

Choosing the proper lights for your home can give it a new look even without having to buy a new set of furniture.  Knowing the different kinds of lights to use will enable you to design your home appropriately.

The general lights refer to those that are installed onto the ceilings and walls.  Chandeliers fall into this category.  

Task lights consist of table or desklamps as well as stand lamps.   The use of these lighting fixtures will help you avoid eye strain. 

Accent Lights, as their name implies, are used to emphasize a certain object such as works of art, pictures, furniture or the fireplace.   

The bulbs used for these lighting accoutrements vary and this is another element where they differ.  Depending on the bulbs used, you may either end up using more electric power or not.  Since a too radiant light is not often needed in the home, other lighting fixtures can have a faint glow.

The various light bulbs  

Fluorescent bulbs are the most common.  Available in various shapes, sizes and wattages, they cost more when bought for the first time.  Nevertheless, they offer more savings with regards the usage of electricity.  They also live longer than other bulbs.  The only negative aspect is the inability to regulate their illumination.

Cost-efficient are Halogen bulbs, which are even cheaper than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.   Halogen bulbs must be handled with care, though, as they tend to get too hot and can cause a fire if mishandled.  Fibers must not come in close contact with it.  Its heat can burn your skin.  Touching its glass can shorten its duration, which is an effect of the oil of the skin.

Tips on purchasing home lighting fixtures 

Know the kind of light that you need.  If you want to emphasize an item, a reflector lamp would be a good choice because its wattage is lower. 

Illuminate your inside and outside stairs, by buying bulbs with moderate brilliance.   It can also be used for your outer door keyhole.

To save more on electric expenses, purchase halogen lamps with dimmers.  They are very effective in establishing special effects.  You can also use decorative lighting accoutrements with high wattage for special events. 

The wattage of the bulb used will determine the level of illumination in your home.  Employ various levels of brilliance for a better effect in your home.

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