Sunday, November 20, 2011

How to Avoid Office Desk Clutter

To work more efficiently, you need to have a cluttered-free office desk. This is very important in any office set-up.  A desk that is in disarray creates a bad impression to your clients; hence, it is necessary that everything is in order.

By choosing the right office desk and furniture, you will have spaces for everything that you need.

An appropriate office desk will have to have sufficient drawers where you can store your office items.  Nevertheless, you still need to arrange the things in the drawer systematically.  To do this, get plastic trays with dividers to keep your pens, pencils, markers, paper clips, staple wire, etc.  This will make the drawer in order and you can easily get the items that you need.

Assign a drawer for specific needs and items.  If one drawer can be used for hanging file folders, then do so and label the drawer.  This will direct you to specific office items that you need instead of opening every drawer. 

Put the things that you need more often in a nearby drawer so you get to have easy access.  Items that are less needed must be kept in the underside drawers or on a shelf.

Secure a trash bin and place it near your table.  Old messages, notes, memos, pens and other objects that are useless must be thrown right away in the trash bin.  Do not have the habit of keeping useless things.  Clear your desk of such stuff to make it clean and presentable.

Have an inside and outgoing tray.  This will put papers coming in and out of your desk in order.  However, make sure to do your filing 10 minutes before you leave the office.  If you cannot do it on a daily basis, assign a day in a week where you can do your filing.  Sometimes, an office desk is full of paper waiting to be filed.  Thus, it results to a lot of paper, documents and folders that are placed on top of each other.  If you have plenty of files, then make sure that you have a filing cabinet that has enough drawers.  You can also keep a 2-drawer file cabinet under your desk if the desk does not have sufficient drawers.

Get a desk organizer to keep your pens, pencils, markers, scissors, paper clips and small pieces of papers.  Desk organizers come in different forms and some have the capability to be rotated.   The latter gives you easy access to get what you need.

Clear your desk of unwanted items before going home.  Do not leave your mug on your desk.  Wash it and keep it in the pantry of inside one of your drawers.  Put documents in the proper tray and if there are any confidential papers, make sure you keep them locked inside the drawer.

Seeing your office desk in order the following morning will make you to start your work better.  Aside from that, you also get to have an image of being an orderly person.


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