Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Essential Furniture for a Functional Office

To make your office functional and nice looking, you need to have the essential and appropriate furniture.
Making a list of what you need would help and may include office desks, chairs, file cabinets, bookshelves, conference table, reception desk, etc.  You may end up having a long list; however, you need to prioritize the essential ones.
Your office table is the basic furniture you need in your office.  Choose a table that will serve you well.  If you will be in front of the desktop all the time, then it must have especial provisions for the keyboard.  The table and keyboard must be at a certain level so you can be comfortable when typing and looking at the screen.  On the other hand, you need not worry for a keyboard’s table if you will be using a laptop. 
Alternatively, an L-shape office table is a good choice if the work involves paper works and the use of a computer.
Nevertheless, you need a table where your elbows will not dangle to avoid joint pains whether it is a desktop or laptop. 
If you expect to have loads of paper work, make sure that the table is broad enough so you can place the papers without looking like a mound of mess on top of the table.  Get one that has built-in drawers and shelves.
Your office chair must be ergonomically designed to keep you comfortable.  Ergonomic chairs support your back; hence, preventing back pains.  Its height can be adjusted depending on your choice.  You can also wheel it so it is easier to move around.   You can also have a good back stretch as it can be pushed backwards.  Some chairs even have a headrest, armrest and can be rotated.
You naturally will be needing chairs in front of your office table so your customers or visitors can seat.  Ensure that these chairs are comfortable with soft cushions.
Bookshelves and File Cabinets will serve the purpose of keeping your files, office supplies and other documents in order.  Have file cabinets that can be locked.
The Printer Stand or Table must have drawers and shelves for items needed for printing like cartridge, reams of paper and other items.  Get a stand that has wheels for easy movement and to allow you to put the stand in a corner when not in use.
The Reception Sofa is, of course, in the reception area.  It should be cozy but too comfortable so people will not fall asleep by sitting on it. 
The Conference Table and Seats or Chairs are essential especially if there are special meetings and conferences. 
You will also need some paintings, plants and lamps. 
Check on online furniture stores for varied choices.  These stores offer cheaper and more choices for furniture.

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