Thursday, September 1, 2011

Selecting the Best Chair for Your Office

Selecting for the best chair for your office does not merely include getting the design, style and color that you like.  Buying a chair that is not conducive to working is giving more stress in your body when the day is not yet over.  Working and sitting at your desk for long hours puts your spine to so much stress, which can give you unending back pains.

The furniture market this modern time offers varied designs and styles and finding the best is easier.

Here are some guidelines when selecting your best office chair:

The chair must allow you to place you feet flat on the floor and have your arms leveled on the surface of your desk.

The ideal height is from 16 – 21 inches.

The seat must be adequately broad to accommodate your body comfortably.

The backrest should be able to support your back comfortably.  Back support is vital in selecting an office chair.  Our spine curves inward that require good support when seated for long hours to prevent injuries.  The ideal backrest must have a width of between 12 to 19 inches.  It should also be capable of being tilted to allow your back to push it forward and backward.

You also need to look into the armrests.  They should be adaptable and should let your arms to rest conveniently when relaxing your shoulders.  The armrests should not get in the way when writing and typing.  

A chair that can be rotated is another big factor for easy maneuvering.  This will prevent you from further straining and stretching.

Pick a chair that has a good material.  Those made from fabric are good choices, as they will keep you cooler.   Cushions must have enough padding to make you feel comfortable while at the same time giving you support.

Select your office chair not only in terms of its style but primarily because of the comfort it can give you.  

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