Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thinking of Buying Furniture for your Small Patio? Follow these tips


Patios in apartments, condominiums and townhouses are generally small and these types of homes are very common in our modern times. If buying furniture for a small patio worries you so much, let me tell you that it should not. It does not make much difference if the patio is big or small. The secret is in buying the appropriate furniture. The following tips will assist you in making your purchases.

1. Get the measurement of your patio. This is a must as it will guide you in your selection. If you intend to buy your modern patio furniture from online furniture stores or by means of catalog, make sure that you will not be blinded by the pictures. The pictures are not enough to say that it is fine. Bear in mind that it can either be smaller or bigger than the real size. The best thing to do is to set an ocular appointment with the store.

2. Measure the furniture and mark the spots where you want to place them based on the dimensions that you got. Use a masking tape to follow the outline of the furniture. This will allow you to check if you still have enough space for some more furniture plus areas for walking. It is so disturbing and uncomfortable if there is no space to move in.

3. Opt to buy a patio bar set rather than a table. Patio tables are normally big so it will definitely eat more space in your small patio. Patio bar sets are available in varied forms: rectangular, square and circle. Chairs are a part of the set and it gives a cozier ambiance.


4. You can add some chairs if you have more space. Gather these chairs and have a small table to accommodate more guests. The area can also be your own corner when you just wanted to relax or ponder on something while having a sip of your drink.

5. If the idea of a patio bar set does not seem interesting, then have
a rectangular table and position it against the wall. The rectangular shape is suited for a narrow area. Have garden benches as your seats.


6. Folding furniture is also a good option for a small patio. They are easier to set up and can be kept after each use.

As mentioned above, the size of your patio does not matter much. The important thing is to have the relaxing ambiance that a patio must have.

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