Thursday, February 10, 2011

Should Eating be Forbidden in the Living Room?

Modern living rooms are now designed to have a bigger space. This is because it is where the family gets together to have some fun, entertainment and enjoy each other’s company.

With this set up, it has also become an area where food and drinks are served. This also happens when we have guests in the home. Drinks such as juice, water, colas, tea, coffee, and food like chips, popcorn, fries, pizza, biscuits and sandwich – name it and you get to eat or serve them in the living room.

It is, therefore, expected to have little accidents. Drinks can spill while hot cup of tea or coffee can leave stains on the coffee table. Crumbs can fall on the sofas and in between the cushions. After the activity, the wife is left with all the mess and at times drives her crazy especially if the furniture got damage. Any housewife would admit to feeling helpless seeing all of these.

Here are some pointers on how eating can still be enjoyed in your living room cutting the mess into a minimum.

The coffee table is a great help. Glasses and cups can be placed on top of them but make sure you serve these drinks with coasters or saucers to avoid the staining. Spills normally occur if the cup or glass is held by the hand.

Since you have a coffee table, make it a point to have an area rug as well. Make this the eating area in the living room. This will prevent crumbs from falling off on the couch.

Use a fabric or a slip cover for your couch. You can cover the whole set or just one of it. The slipcover will safeguard your couch from any trickles or spills particularly if you have kids. This is also a good thing to have if you allow your pets inside the home. These slipcovers come in different colors and are easy to maintain.

Gathering together in the living room will be so much fun if you also have a bit of something to eat. It may be that you invested a lot for your modern furniture but do not be such a killjoy by disallowing eating in this room. Even if you wanted your living room to be tidy, you cannot avoid having a mess. So, the only thing you can do is to be creative so your living room remains to be comfortable and inviting.

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