Friday, January 7, 2011

Tricks to Keep Your Dining Room Clean Longer

The dining room can be one of the messiest rooms especially if there are children around the home. Children spill liquids on the furniture which will naturally ooze down the floor. Food crumbs can also fall on the floor and the dinner table can be full of these crumbs, spills and sauces, etc. Not being able to clean the dining room after every meal can really make cleaning a tough job.

Another thing that can make the dining room chaotic is the presence of reading materials, coats left hanging on a chair and other things which were left there in a hurry.

If you got yourself tied up to the neck with your job and other home errands, tidying the dining room can mean a big job and by the time you realize it, a huge pile of work is ahead of you. Following are steps to maintain the cleanliness of your dining room with less time.

Put Things in Order

Every item must be returned to where they belong to. Provide extra storage space such as a storage cabinet with drawers or a dining room buffet.

Eliminate Filth in your Dining Room

To do this, regularly clean air ducts and replace old heating or air unit filters. Close windows to minimize the dust coming inside. Curtains must be washed or dry cleaned periodically. Place a mat or a rug in every door and encourage each member of the household to wipe their feet prior to entering. Vacuum the carpet regularly to lessen the dust.

Regularly Dust the Ceiling Fan’s Blades

A mild soap and warm water is good to clean the fan’s blades. Furniture polish can be used, however, if they are wooden blades.

Spills, drips and trickles must be wiped off without delay. They are harder to wash off if they were left for some time. Soap with warm water can be used to clean the spills. Use an excellent carpet and upholstery cleaner if the drips or trickles are tough.

Remember to maximize your cleaning time. When you clean the dining table after a meal, clean the whole table including the chairs. You can wipe the buffet or the cabinets if you are storing table linens or hand towels. Include the dining area if you are vacuuming the living room.

Keeping your dining room spic and span is an easy thing to do as long as you are systematic and asked the family members to maintain its cleanliness. The best rule of thumb here is not to wait for items and dirt to pile up.

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