Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Make Your Dining Room a Sanitary Place to Eat

The dining room must always be kept clean since this is where we eat.  By keeping it clean, you can be assured that bacteria will be controlled so as not to contaminate the food we serve. 

Our dining room becomes dirty after every meal especially if there are children around.  Even without kids, it can still get messy as spills can accidentally happen anytime.  In addition to that are the dust and grime that accumulate brought by outside elements.  There are also the unwanted things that are not really meant to be placed in the dining room.  The big bulk, of course, comes from the food particles that fell on the floor and our furniture.  These can get our fitment dirty and may even be ruined by spills and other food marks.

No matter how busy you are, cleaning your dining room must always be on your agenda.  Follow these tips to make dining room maintenance easy. 

Orderliness must be observed. 

This pertains to keeping only the necessary items in the dining room.  Other items that are not a part of this room must be deposited to their proper locations.  If you need to keep a few writing materials, then have a desk organizer.  This will prevent them from loitering in the area.  Choose a desk organizer that can also keep bits of paper.  If certain books are to be placed, then have a shelf for them.  Separate your cook books from other kinds of books.  Ensure that it can also accommodate magazine and other reading materials that you may need in the dining area.  Have additional storage spaces such as a display cabinet or a buffet to house all your other dining ware.  If you do not have a bar and have a few stocks of wine, then get a mini bar to store them.

Discourage the accumulation of dust 

A regular cleaning schedule will make this task a success.  Dining tables and chairs must be wiped after every meal.  If there are food crumbs that fell on the floor, it must be swept, too.   Schedule a day when to clean your windows, air ducts, and ceiling fans.  As you clean these fixtures, you also need to change the curtains and heating or air unit filters.  Have a mat on every door or entrance and inform every member of the family to wipe the soles of their shoes or any footwear when they enter the dining room.  Dust or vacuum the mat every day.

Use proper cleaning materials.

Mix a mild detergent or dishwashing soap in tepid water to clean your ceiling fan’s blades and other furniture pieces.  This will remove any marks and blemishes.   Use a wood polish to bring back the luster of your wooden furniture.  Always ensure that you only use the specific cleaning products for your funiture.

Keeping your dining room will save it from accumulating dust as well as ensure you of having a clean area to eat.   

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