Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Enhance Your Living Room Appeal with Area Rugs

The use of area rugs can enhance your living room appeal other than furntiure.  Gone are the days when wall-to-wall carpets are used.  Area rugs have entered the scene apart from being more stylish and cost-efficient.  

What to consider when buying area 

Measure the area of your living room.   Leave an open space that measures 4 x 8 inches around the rug.  The regular sizes of area rugs are from 6 x 9 feet, 8 x 10 feet and 9 x 12 feet.  Furniture stores and online furniture shops are your sources for these.  You can also find stores that offer tailor made rugs.  The good thing about a tailor made rug is you are 100% sure that it exactly fits your living room.  They are not that costly anyway.

Choosing patterns and colors

A plain-looking rug is dull particularly if your living room walls have a neutral shade.  Rugs with geometrical patterns in various colors are more vivacious.  This also hides any blemishes.

For plain-looking rugs, go for the neutral shades of beige and brown.  This will calm the diversified appeal of your room.

Rugs with dashes of color are good-natured and can blend with the other colors of your room.  Avoid using contradictory hues so your room will not look crowded.

Choosing the surface quality

When buying your rug, you have to touch it.  Evaluate and check the material used.

Rugs made of wool are recognized by their warmth and smoothness.  Those made of natural materials are uneven and coarser.  Silk rugs are softer, sophisticated and stunning but are costlier and difficult to sustain.  

To have a different look in your living room, have two or three rugs.  Place one above each other for interest.  Having more than one rug is good during the winter months for they extend a feeling of warmth and ease.  You can also assign a different area rug to accentuate a particular area.   For instance, you can have a reading nook and have a different color of rug in that area.

Most online furniture stores offer various styles and designs of area rugs.  Check them out first before jumping into buying the first rug that you see.

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