Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Emergence of Italian Furniture


Italy is known all over the world for its great artists. It has produced most of the world’s top artists that includes the likes of Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Donatello, Raphael, etc. Italian art is not limited to painting and sculpture but it also consists of architecture, pottery and jewelry making. With Italy’s artistry and creativity, their artists have incorporated this skill in creating furniture. Typical Italian furniture features intricate carvings and this can be found not only in wooden but marble furniture, too.


The ancient Roman Empire has been said to influence modern Italian furniture that is seen in the refinement of its designs. Their clear-cut lines and sleek appeal stands out in its overall appearance.

Artistic awareness in Italy rose in the 15th century. This era saw the emergence of many paintings, sculptures and imposing buildings. Italian architecture can stand in comparison with that of Ancient Greece. These magnificent buildings were created for their kings and gods. Another exemplary architectural creation is the coliseum. All of these have deeply influenced Italian furniture


Italian furniture was impressive, splendid, dramatic, and very striking in the early 15th century. Marked with the distant past, the nobles took pleasure in the most beautifully designed furniture. The artists were regarded masters and were part of the privileged class in their society. Ancient sketches comprised of sculpture, architecture, sculpture, and sarcophagi of Rome. The creators utilized sculpture and used materials like Roman marble to create furniture that is more sophisticated.


The adornments were never short of brilliance that consists of huge sculptures of emperors and heroes. Paintings likewise turned into religious subjects and good-looking women were given stature through paintings. Amphoras, vases, urns, shells, large jars, acanthus scrolls, wreaths, acanthus scrolls, shelves and dolphin carvings were equally utilized to show Italian art. The discovery of astronomical objects led to geometrical figures in Italian art. When Italy was swept with modernity, it saw the birth of Rococo and Baroque designs in furniture.


Italian furniture is also immense in stature. They are bulky that you have to place them permanently in an area. You cannot afford to move it often.
Additionally, Italian furniture is known for its durability and can be passed on as family legacies.

For a traditional and imposing appearance for your home, obtain to have Italian furniture. They are built creatively and tastefully and are 100% tough and long lasting. They are the kind of furniture that will never be outmoded. The elaborate carvings are manually done that cannot be seen in most modern furniture.


Italian furniture can be bought from big and well-known furniture stores. You can also purchase them from online furniture shops. Although modern Italian furniture has adopted modernity, it did not forego its traditional Italian appeal. It is still very much present. Modern Italian furniture is cheaper than the traditional ones though.

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