Sunday, July 10, 2011

Easy Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Dining Room Clean


Blame it on the modern times, which give us lesser occasions to clean the home. The daily rush to the office, getting our hands full with errands and other things to do seem endless that we neglect the most important thing our home needs – cleaning.


It may be that the living room and bedroom do not get a lot of mess; however, the dining room and kitchen are areas where tidying is needed the most.

If you feel like you are up to your head with other tasks, try these easy cleaning tips to keep your dining room clean.


A systematic and organized dining room is easier to manage. What do you mean organize? The dining room sees so much clutter. Stuffs like papers, bills, books, pens and other school or office items are mixed together with dining ware, food and kitchenware. Coming from work and seeing this can make you feel dizzy and can cause you headaches.


The best way to do this is to remove all of this mess by returning these stuffs in their proper places. However, this will take much of your time, hopping from the dining room to your living room or study room. Make it easier for you by having a shelf right in your dining room. It does not need to be a big one, just enough to store these items.


A buffet hutch will serve this purpose. It has shelves and drawers where you can store dining ware in an orderly manner. Likewise, books can also be kept in one of the shelves. A magazine rack can also be placed in a corner for easy use.


Filters in the heating and air units must be regularly changed. Air ducts must be cleaned, too. Open just a few windows and when necessary. Change curtains regularly, as they are good dust collectors. Have a mat on each door where everyone can wipe their feet prior to entering the room. Your rug or carpet must be vacuumed regularly, too.

The fan’s blades collect most of the dust from the ceiling. Habitually clean it with warm water mixed with a little soap. On the other hand, use furniture polish if the blades are made of wood.


Drips and spills must not be left even just for a second. They must be wiped at that very instant. They can damage your dining furniture if it will be left to dry on the furniture so take care that these are attended to right away. Again, a mixture of warm water and soap can remove them. Those that have left a mark can be washed by using a superior upholstery cleaner.

Make the habit of wiping the dining table after every meal. Try to squeeze in that few minutes to clean the whole table and chairs. Give your buffet a wipe while putting away your table napkins, cloth and chinaware. Likewise, if you have just finish vacuuming the living room, go straight to the dining room – it is not much of a task anyway.


Doing bits and pieces of cleaning can lessen the bulk of dirt and clutter in the dining room. Once you get accustomed to it, then you will find cleaning the dining room a very easy job.

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