Monday, June 27, 2011

The Proper Way to Clean Leather Sofas


Still the most trusted material for sofas is leather. Not only are they stylish and a good fit for contemporary homes but also strong and durable. They are likewise a familiar sight in most conventional homes for their elegance.


However, even as they are durable, strong and elegant, the beauty of leather will fade if not properly maintained. Cleaning is the secret to keep your leather sofas looking new and fresh.


Dust your leather sofa every other day. This is not hard to do as you can dust them while you are listening to music or even watching the telly. This will ensure that dust do accumulate on them.

For the sides and in between of the cushions, you can use your vacuum to dig into them. However, use the brush accessory and make certain that you use the soft bristles. The smallest brush accessory is the best tool to get into the corners.


It is also necessary that you give them a wash. However, do not wet them too muchFill a spray of bottle with water and add 1-2 drops of dishwashing liquid. Spray this on the sofa. Stains and stubborn dirt will be easily removed with this solution. Do not go beyond the aforementioned quantity of dishwashing liquid though. Too much soap will create white stains on your sofa. When you spray, start from the outmost spot of the stain moving to the inside core. Do not wet the sofa too much because if you do, even the insides will get wet.


If you prefer to use the commercialized cleaners, ensure that you buy one that is safe for your sofa and your family as well.

Use a dry cloth to eliminate oil-based drips and let the cloth absorb the liquid.

Use hair spray to remove ink stains then dab it with a dry cloth.


There are times when yeasts grow on the sofa. A mixture of alcohol and water is the best way to eliminate yeasts. Squirt your leather sofa with the solution or you can also make use of a cloth to apply the mixture on the areas with yeasts.

To keep the shine of your leather sofa, condition it every 2 years. This will likewise keep the protective covering stronger.


The above cleaning tips can assure you that your leather sofa will always look good and perfect for every occasion. Most of all, it will last you longer. Love your leather sofa by giving it a regular cleaning. Any furniture, whether modern or traditional, deserves attention and love just like you.

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