Saturday, June 18, 2011

How to Synchronize Colors in the Living Room via Furniture


Enlivening the appeal of your living room does not only consist of putting a lot of decorations or furniture. Even with simple furniture and a little embellishment, your living room can still have a boost and a cheery appeal. The way to do this is through colors.


Synchronizing the colors in your living room via furniture is a very easy job. The only thing that you need to establish first is to have a theme in this room. Once you have chosen a theme, then you can choose the color for your living room’s furniture and decorations.


I have listed a few guidelines on how to take advantage of colors in your living room.

As mentioned above, the first step you need to do is to choose a theme for the living room. You can choose from rustic, conventional, contemporary or urbane look. You can also select a nature theme for this room.


Try using the different tones of blue and heighten it with the color white. Using these two colors would suggest a serene and relaxing ambiance in your living room. To give the living room emphasis, use the dark or soft hues of blue.

Matching coral pink and the light shade of lavender would be nice as well.


Tangerine will bring sunshine in the living room as it is similar to the color of the sun.

If you choose to paint your walls in green, then choose blue-colored furniture. This combination will add to the amazing look of your living room.


Brown, dark or creamy, is classified as earth hues. If you choose to have an autumn look in your living room, then go for color brown. This color suggests warmth, friendliness and coziness. Use tawny red, orange, gray and black for your accent walls.


Your room must also have inequality to make it look more interesting. Deep shades of purple or lavender with a soft tone of red can bring this difference without losing the room’s comforting appeal. Accent walls can take olive, sage green or soft yellow colors. To have a bit of theatrical appeal, use bright yellow or the dark tones of green. Using the creamy tones of these colors would provide a restful sensation.

Using green in the living room is another good choice, as it implies life. With this living room theme, get modern sofas in soft hues of purple and have yellow throw pillows.


Build a specific theme to have better synchronization of colors in your living room. By doing this, you will be able to achieve a more restful and calming atmosphere in the living room.

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