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Italian Furniture: Its Influence in Today’s Designs and Styles


The 15th century saw the emergence of Italian painting, sculpture, architecture and other superb works of arts. This became known as the European Renaissance. Towards the middle of 1400 to 1650, Florence has been witness to the restitution of distinction, which spread to Rome and other areas in Italy. This, in turn, became wide spread and accepted. The changes and modernism in Italian architecture made a huge influence in what is now known as Italian modern furniture.


Impressive, extraordinary, eye-catching and flamboyant are the adjectives to describe the 15th century Italian furniture. It is appropriate to be used by a king in those times. Traditional drawings that depict Roman traditions via architecture, sarcophagi and sculpture greatly influenced the makers of Italian furniture.


Today, we can see that the modernism in our way of living became a part of the conventional and contemporary Italian furniture. Rococo and Baroque style were products of this modernization. They adapted the contemporary style without totally giving up on the traditional Italian style of furniture-making.


Still very evident in any Italian furniture are the combination of both marble and iron works. It has maintained the intricate layouts, spotless quality, and a sturdy built. The outline, design and features were instinctive and original.


Traditional Italian furniture is normally huge making it suitable for big families. However, producers had made some adjustments so any household can use it. They are now manufacturing furniture in small sizes or measurements to fit in small spaces


Since Italy has become a fashion icon not only in fashion but in furniture as well, Italian furniture has become synonymous to elegance and sophistication. Taking from its predecessor, modern Italian furniture boasts of the same characteristic which can bring modernity, grace and style to any modern homes. Because of this, it has earned admiration and importance in the furniture business. Homeowners have great preference to contemporary Italian furniture not only because of its classiness but also of its intricate styles and artistry.


The price can sometimes be a drawback. However, if one is to look closely and compare prices, modern Italian furniture is priced competitively. Yes, it is peerless and magnificently constructed yet they are within anyone’s budget. Modern Italian furniture can assure you of its durability which is actually a lot of savings on your part.

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