Thursday, May 26, 2011

How to Buy Furniture for a Light-Themed Home


A lot of people prefer to color their homes in light colors. Their reason for picking that hue is it creates the illusion of spaciousness. Another reason is it is easier to blend with other colors.


Having a light-themed home will without doubt make it appear spacious. And being spacious is synonymous to being optimistic, jolly, and dazzling. With this theme, less light is needed as your home will always look bright.

Decide for the Design and Setting

In choosing furniture for a light-themed home, it is important that you ask yourself the design and setting that you wanted for your home. You can choose from modern, country, dramatic or riveting and tranquil setting. Once you have decided on this, then choosing your furniture will be so easy.


The Modern Setting

Red or black furniture will bring elegance and style in your light-themed home, which is perfect for the modern setting. In fact, most modern sofas are in black. Black stands for authority and power. This color allows you to have a variety of colors in your furnishings like throw pillows, decorative items or area rug.


The Country Setting

Ashen or real-toned furniture in a light-colored home are a good combination. The couch can have floral prints, but if you do not like this pattern for the sofa, assign it to your throw pillows, valance, curtains and drapes.

The Dramatic Setting

Choose furniture that is darker in hue. The combination of light and dark colors implies courage, adventure and fearlessness. To establish enthusiasm, your decorations must be in neutral shades.


The Riveting and Tranquil Setting

Furniture in neutral or pastel colors creates this setting and exudes purity and organization. Beige, cream and white-colored furniture will blend well with your light-colored walls. To establish a bit of difference, get a different shade for your throw pillows, decorations or rug.


A light-color themed home is, as I have mentioned above, easy to dress up. Do a bit of research to fully achieve the mood that you want to project. It will also be better to get the fabric swatches of furniture so you can check how it will look in your home. It is better to think about it rather than jump into buying whatever you see. That way, you will save money and be happy with what you have bought.


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