Sunday, February 13, 2011

Select the Best Material for your TV Stand

Knowing the materials used for TV stands will assist you in selecting the type that will suit you and your family. TV stands are either made of glass or wood. The following will give you an idea of how each of these differs from one another.


Wooden TV stands are normally suited to a traditional type of home. This is because most traditional furniture is made of wood. Various types of wood are utilized to create wooden TV stands making them to be available in numerous selections. Some have been given stain finishing or painted with a faint or darker color.

However, even if your home has a modern look, you can still get a wooden television stand that is suitable for your home style. You can find artistically crafted TV stands that will blend with your likewise modern furniture. These stands also feature drawers and shelves for more storage areas.


Wooden TV stands are also easy to maintain as it only needs dusting.

TV stands made of wood is absolutely a perfect option for homes that have limited space. With doors and shelves, you can hide your wires at the back so they will not create clutter and eat space.


Available in two tones, tinted and clear, glass TV stands are built with metal frames. Because of this design, they are a great for modern home styles and are easy to maintain. TV stands made of glass are available in a mixture of color patterns that answers the issue of being outdated.

However, with kids around, glass TV stands is not a good choice. Your stand will always get fingerprints and marks. Scratches can also be expected which undeniably is hard to correct. And although you will opt to have a tinted glass TV stand, cables will still be seen.
The size of the shelves cannot be adjusted. Glass TV stands always have open shelves and as a result your entertainment devices will easily get dust.


Another thing to remember is to ensure that the glass of your TV stand is thick.

Whatever your choice would be, always make sure that your choice will match your living room style. If your living room is dominated by wooden furniture, then get a wooden TV stand. As a whole, TV stands made of wood are still the top choice as they blend well easily with the rest of your furniture, whether traditional Italian furniture or contemporary furniture.

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