Thursday, December 9, 2010

Maximizing Patio Space for Furniture

Small patios are not much of a problem nowadays. You just need to be wise in choosing the right furniture and be tactical in the manner of arranging them.

First, you should know the right dimension of your patio to determine the perfect size of furniture for it. After determining the exact measurements of your patio area, you may now begin selecting your furniture.

A table for your patio is always a must. However, what we are dealing with here is a rather small area so instead of buying a large table, you may settle with a chic patio bar which is becoming “in” nowadays. They come in rectangular, oval, and square shapes with chairs that are compact so they do not eat up too much space.

Aside from the patio bar, you may want to acquire more cozy chairs and center tables for entertaining your guests to make them more comfortable and relaxed. This will be highly functional if you are to serve food and drinks. You have a lot of choice because there are many diminutive chair and table sets being sold in the market today.

If your patio is not only small but narrow as well, you should buy a rectangular table top to fit the shape of your patio and may well be placed beside a wall. Benches are also good choices for you. You may have them attached to the walls or have them as they are if you want to rearrange them from time to time.

Foldable furniture is also an excellent space-saver. When not in use, they can be stored or act as display items. And when you are in need of extra furniture, you could just unfold them and place them on your patio. Most foldable furniture comes in unique and trendy styles and designs.

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