Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Your Living Room Furniture at Its Best

The living room is the place in the house where the family spends time to relax and have quality time together. It is also the common area where we gather our friends together. This is the reason why a lot of us allot a big amount to furnish it. We also always make it a point to keep it spic and span.

But how do we keep the living room with all its contemporary furniture clean? How many hours must we allot for the cleaning and how do we maintain the fixtures?

You need not worry much about dirt piling up in your living room furniture if you make sure that you clean it frequently preferably once a week. It is not that hard as you think with the aid of a vacuum. Make sure though that your vacuum’s brush is not so hard so as to prevent destroying your furniture.

Be cautious of spills as well. They cannot be avoided though so make sure that you attend to them as soon as possible. If you let them stay any longer they will be impossible to remove entirely. You do not want your furniture smelling and feeling all soggy, and slimy, and dirty; so be careful!

And since your contemporary furniture come with an outside surface layer to act as its shield from external damages, never resort to cleaning solutions which have hazardous chemicals that can destroy your furniture. Water and soap are enough to treat spills. Just make sure that you use warm water and soap which does not produce too much lather to avoid soap deposits afterwards.

Another good technique is to avoid using steam cleaners. They will only contribute to the fast deterioration of your furniture. Water tends to stay longer inside the furniture for a longer time thus fostering the spurt of unwanted molds and yeasts in your furniture. This will also bring out an unwanted odor and will force you to replace your furniture.

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