Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Helpful Guide in Buying Bar Stools

Bar stools can create a new ambiance in your kitchen nook and even in an existing bar. Bar stools encourage a laid-back feeling making you more comfortable while loosening up. Selection can be difficult as they are available in differing sizes, styles and design.

1. Choose the height of the bar stools. Lofty bar stools will not give much space to your legs beneath the counter. Dumpy counters will likewise not provide enough space to conveniently put your arms on them. To solve this, have at least 12 inches amid the bar stool and the counter.
Bar stools are available in standard styles. The simple-style bar stools with an arm and back support provides you not just a seat but support as well. Nevertheless, bar stools without arms are a good option if you do not have much space but wanted lots of stools around your bar area.

2. Get the measurement of your bar area. A standard 26 up to 31 inches of space must be allocated in between the bar stools. A 6-feet bar or counter can have three stools. This will vary if you purchase bar stools with arms as the latter will eat additional space that is 3 – 6 inches to the width of the stool.

3. Decide the material of the bar stools. The material will rely on your own personal choice but remember that between wood and metal, the latter is sturdier and long-lasting. The screws and the wooden joints will slacken off in due time whereas the joints of a metal bar stool are soldered and hence is less susceptible to having troubles.
Comfort is not a problem with a wooden or metal bar stools as some are cushioned. Pick the leather cushioned seats. They are hard-wearing and resilient and with utmost care will definitely last longer unlike the fabrics. A wet cloth and mild soap is all you need to clean them.

4. You can also opt to have a swivel base stool and a foot rest. A swivel base stool will permit you to get up from your seat and back again without much difficulty. The foot rest, on the other hand, will not leave your feet hanging and get tired legs especially if seating for quite a few hours.

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