Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tips on How to Clean Leather Sofa

Leather furniture requires minimal attention because the material itself can assure you of sturdiness. Nevertheless, we do not want our leather sofa to lose its luster and would want it to look good and fresh. Sunlight, heat and dust cannot be avoided and these are the culprits that can cause our leather sofa to age easily if proper maintenance is not observed. If exposed to too much heat and sunlight, leather will break as it turns out to be arid and will lose its color and shine. Here are some tips to help you clean your leather sofa.

Vacuum your leather sofa once every week. Cushions must be taken off and vacuum the bottom part as well as the gaps. Make sure that the bristles of the vacuum’s brush attachment are soft.
You can either put a little amount of soap in tepid water or pour a little soap on a moist cloth and work to make a foam. The cloth must be wringed of water and just dab the area.

Test a small area of the leather such as the underneath or the back part. Let it stand for 24 hours and check for any discoloration. If no harm was seen, then you can start cleaning the sofa with the same cleaning materials you used.

Spills must be attended to without delay. The leather can absorb the liquid if it will be left there for quite some time. Moist cloth is the best answer to spills on leather furniture and dry it with a soft, dry clean fabric. Use a dry cloth to dab oil spills and spread some baby powder to take in the excess oil.

Get your hair spray to remove ink blots,. Spurt a little amount on the ink blot and dab the spot with a dry fabric. Do this procedure until the ink blots are completely removed.
To remove mildew, mix a cup of water and rubbing alcohol. Put the mixture on the area and clean with a soft fabric.

Refrain from using cheap cleaning materials. It is best to buy the quality ones although these may cost more. Do not take the risk and be sorry later. You can buy liquid and spray cleaners and wipes that are exclusively made for leather. Make it a point to utilize a quality leather conditioner and apply it once every two years.


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