Monday, December 13, 2010

Techniques to Uplift a Small Living Room

Small living rooms can be too obvious if you choose the wrong kind of furniture. The secret lies in the type of furniture you will purchase to maximize every space in your home. It is also a must not to acquire more than what you need!

You may apply illusion in your living room by choosing furniture which seem buoyant and uncluttered to make an impression that they do not hover all over the place. You should avoid
bulky ones and opt for furniture with legs.

Your chairs are perfect examples of furniture that must appear with legs and your tables too with their top made of glass. Mirrors are also excellent reflectors of light. This will enable people to see more light in the room and perceive more space through the less compact furniture.
You could also manipulate the shades of the room to manage its size. Try using pallid and light colors to make the area look big and roomy.

Having large accessories and display items in a small living room may just accentuate its size all the more. Pick out upholstery materials which do not come in stripes, plaids and large designs. Stick to ones which are elaborate and lacquered. You could still buy printed upholstery just make sure that you choose tiny delicate designs which are neutral and radiant in color.

You could also make your room look lengthier than it is by acquiring furniture that is also tall and lengthy. This will make visitors look vertically up and down the room for the illusion that it is quite extensive than it really is. Give emphasis to your living room by putting tall floor lamps as these will draw the eye of the onlooker upwards.

You may want to avoid too much display items as well so the room does not seem crowded. Just employ small, simple yet elegant figurines, vases, and jars.

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