Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Perfect Dining Table for You

Aside from the size, shape, and material, one must also regard the area, accommodation, and event where the dining table will be used.

It is a must that an allotment of 32 inches is made between the wall and the chair of your dining table. This ensures that your guest would have enough space for him to move his chair with ease and for someone to pass through freely as well. With this, another 28 inches should be allocated amid the elbows of occupants so they may enjoy their dinner happily without any restrain and uneasiness.

You should also take into consideration the area of your dining room. If you have a rectangular dining area then a rectangular dining table is most appropriate. If you have something spacious anyway, then you may as well buy an oval or circular table.

Now if you usually hold either informal or personal dinners, square tables may be alright. These tables may sit 4-6 people and are perfect for everyday use.

However, if you often hold parties and invite a large number of people, you should acquire a rectangular table instead. This can accommodate 8-10 persons and may even serve as a buffet table. It may also be made as a table for holding other fixtures as a display table when not in use for dining. They are not ideal for intimate dinners though.

Circular and oval tables make communication and interaction among guests more efficient as it permits everyone to have a good view of everybody else in the gathering.

The design of your dining area and your dining table must also go along with each other. Formal dining halls require formal dining sets. Such sets include synchronized coops and cabinets. Informal dinners on the other hand are suitable with just about anything whether it be wood or formica finishes.

Depending on your style and your dining room design, you can either go for the modern and contemporary dining tables. Although the traditional dining table is still very much present, a lot of homeowners choose the modern dining table as it costs less and is more practical. Online furniture stores such as LA Furniture Store offers a lot of modern dining table selections.

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