Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dimension and Materials Used for Bar Stools

Bar stools normally are ordinary circular wooden top but with the changing times have undergone a lot of changes. They are now fine-looking, striking and trendy. The dimension will have to be established on specific features if you are to buy bar stools.

About 10 – 13 inches allowance amid the base of the table and the top of the stool seat must be observed for the legs. Bar stools with pivot seats allow you to easily go round. Alternatively, bar stools with arms provide a bit of space so you can slip in them beneath the table.

The height of your bar stools will be determined on the place where they will be positioned. A stool’s height of 24 to 26 inches is suitable for counters that are 36 inches in height. A 40 – 42 inches trestle should have a 30 inches stool height while counters that are 42 inches in stature should have stools that are 34 inches in height.

Next, evaluate the number of stools you need. There should be ample space for every individual’s elbows and arms as well as for the drinks and food on the trestle.
Metal, wood and plastics are the materials used for bar stools. Wood is the common material used for bar stools and is a standard preference for houses with wooden furniture. Wooden bar tools are well-built; maintenance is trouble-free and can be matched with any design.

Contemporary surroundings are well complemented with chrome and metal stools. They are very fashionable and hard-wearing, making them more long-lasting than wooden stools. Metal and chrome bar stools are soldered making them sturdy and resilient.

If bar stools are to be placed outside, metal is a good choice. Wood distends leading to fissure because of heat and dampness while metal tarnishes eventually. You can go for aluminum; it does not tarnish but it oxidizes. Before you finally make your purchase, go and check for external bar stools and check those that are cured or treated to survive any environment.

A bar and stool set will be a perfect fixture to have for get-togethers or other entertaining activities. They can be placed near the pool, the courtyard or can be fitted in a kitchen top or counter.

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