Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Black Gothic Bedroom Set from the Armani Xavira Collection

Perhaps you live in a faux medievel castle or maybe you were lucky enough to snag a stunning gothic style home but your contemporary furniture just doesnt fit in, or much more likely you are like the rest of us and live in an otherwise normal abode, but would like to add a touch of old world class to your home. Gothic furniture provides the best of durable hardwood solid construction woth dark and delicate hand carved details. If you are just starting out with the gothic style furniture or you would like to add more to you gothic furniture collection, a great place to start is with Gothic Bed from the Armani Xavira Collection. This bed is the root of evil. Not just styled that way, but overall, this bed will impress anyone that lays eyes on it. The Armani Xavira Gothic Modern Bed includes high quality lacquer coated wood with tall stakes at each corner. Bedroom set is available as well. This will look great in any room, light or dark.


Weather Proofing Catonsville, MD said...

Beautiful decor!

<3 Lindsay

Susan Graham said...

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