Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Zuo Revolution

If anyone has ever worked for 8 or more consecutives hours straight in a row in what looks like as if the stone age has really never passed sitting down on chairs that give you more stress then the pressure of the actual work, then should re-consider the new revolution of the zuo chairs.

The new chairs have been designed to make you feel as if they were done just for you. massaging your body and making your dayflow with ease. Almost priceless. Just try convincing your boss that it's all for the cause of delivering a job well done.

The Contemporary Media Zuo Office Chair besides it's modernistic appearance, delivers what it promises. Chrome plated steel frame with rolling base, washable leatherette seat and back with adjustable height and locking tilt. available in black & white
Plus check out our new models, either for the office, bar or just what the occassion calls for!

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