Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mattress Doctor, Say Goodbye to Sleep Problems

If you're experiencing Back Pain, Restless Sleep, Circulation Problems, Temperature Issues, Suffer from Allergies, have trouble Sleeping with a Partner, or any other sleep comfort issues; chances are that your mattress is to blame. Let our handy guide help you find the right mattress, which may help alleviate your current sleep discomforts. We've broken this guide down by key features, be sure click on our recommendations to help narrow down the mattress choice that's right for you. If you're not experiencing any problems skip ahead to our Customer Favorites Section to find out our most popular buys.
Back Pain

Back PainBack pain is an unfortunate side effect of many old or sagging mattresses. For those with back pain, Serta offers several options to help alleviate back pain associated with sleep. We've listed the attributes and collections that best help those suffering from back pain below.

Memory Foam- The visco foam in Serta's memory foam mattresses gently conforms to every part of your body, reducing pressure points and providing proper spinal alignment.

Continuous Support Innerspring- This unique innerspring's three-zone design mirrors that of the human body. The coils in the center third of the innerspring are built with 33% more steel to support the lower back and prevent the rest of the mattress from sagging. The continuous wiring structure eliminates the possibility of an individual coil end loosening or poking through.
Flex-Free Innerspring- Zones of single and double rows of coils mirror the shape of the human body, ensuring proper spinal alignment. This advanced innerspring works by enabling the bed to conform to and support the body, rather than forcing the body to conform to the bed.

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