Saturday, June 21, 2008

Choosing Barstool Size, Styles, and Features

Modern Barstools aren't just found at your local pub anymore. More and more people are placing them in their home to accommodate breakfast nooks, kitchen counters, and even home bars. If you are purchasing barstools, you don't have to be overwhelmed by the selection available. Simply choose the right barstool height, style, and additional features. Your home d�cor will be complete in no time at all!
Step 1: Deciding Bar Stool Height
The height of your home bar, kitchen counter, or pub table will help determine what the appropriate height of your barstool should be. The height is determined by the stool's seat height, not its total height. This ensures that the legs will fit under the table's surface. Your kitchen counter should be about 10-12� higher than your barstool�s seat height. Typically, counter height seats are 24-26" high, while bar height seats are 30-32" high.

Step 2: Choosing the Perfect Barstool Style
Purchasing barstools is a great opportunity to display your personal style. There is a wide variety of styles that can match your home�s current d�cor including traditional, novelty, and casual styles, to name only a few. For more detailed descriptions on popular barstool styles.
Step 3: Selecting Additional Bar Stool Features
Once you have determined which barstool style will best fit your home's d�cor, you must decide if you need specific barstool features. This includes seat orientation, upholstery, and whether it can be utilized outdoors. Popular barstool features include swivel seats, fabric, vinyl and leather upholstery options and more.
Step 4: Select a Pub Table or Bar to Compliment Your Stools
Now is the time to choose the right companion bar furniture pieces. Whether you want a bar to go with your bar height stools or a pub table to match your counter height stools, you can truly have that 1950's retro lounge, sports bar, or Tiki bar that you have always dreamed about!

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