Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Modern Design Furniture

If you want to live a cozy, clean and heavenly lifestyle in the midst of a busy city life, then this white contemporary fabric sofa set would suit your tastes. This piece of modern living room furniture values the importance of comfort to its owner. Not only that, this sofa set also provides ample space that allows more areas for other living room functions.

Inspired by modern European artistry, this Italian design furniture was developed to create a more functional living room space. One of the main features of this sofa set is its adjustable headrests which can be used for head or back support. When folded, these head rests can also serve as top seats especially when there are guests in the house.This contemporary fabric sofa set is made of soft white fabric, which entails a sense of clarity and cleanliness throughout the room. The white color motivates its owner to keep the living room neat and tidy at all times. The white color of the sofa can also blend with all color schemes, or can be covered with other sofa sheets to match one's tastes and moods. White as well makes the room look wider, thus the owner can think of more ideas on how to accentuate the living room space.

This modern living room furniture consists of four pieces, a sofa, love seat, chair and ottoman. All the pieces are made of soft fabric and high density foam which can withstand all kinds of pressure. The sofa is heavily padded to provide warmth and comfort. It is also flexible enough and allows all sorts of movement. Its headrests can be adjusted according to one's preference. The sofa is also designed to accommodate groups of people, so it can be relied on strength and quality.

Aside from the sofa is the love seat. The love seat is ideal for couples who are in the mood for some quality time watching home movies. The love seat also suits the needs of couch potatoes who want to slack and stay at a cozy position all day.

In order to highlight the sofa's functional purpose, this contemporary fabric sofa set also has a chair. The chair can be dragged to study table if it's located in the living room. The chair is also made of soft fabric and provides adequate comfort as well.

Last is the ottoman. The ottoman acts as a lowered stool which can be used for a variety of reasons. Its soft, comforting foam also provides satisfaction to those who are going to sit on it, only that it has no back support.

This modern contemporary fabric furniture definitely provides one with all the functions he needs from a living room set. So, if you want a sofa that not only delivers comfort but as well as an area for various activities, then this is the one you need.

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