Wednesday, January 2, 2008

LA Furniture Store Values Your Opinion

LA Furniture Store is always looking for ways to improve your shopping experience. If you have a comment, feedback or product suggestion for LA Furniture Store, please post your comment here, we would love to hear from you.

If your order has not been received within 2-3 weeks please send us the following information and we will provide you an updated status of your order.

-Customer Name

-Four-Digit LA Furniture Store Order Number

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Julie W said...

How long it will take shipment from Italy? I am looking for SMA bedroom sets

LA Furniture Store said...

Shipments from Italy will take 2.5 - 3 month. There is a production time and shipping. But most of the SMA bedroom sets we keep in stock.

Thank you

Adrew D. said...

They told me it will take 2.5 or 3 month, but actually it was about 1.5 month, so I got my bed and by the way it looks better in real, then on the picture.
Thanks David.

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