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Modern Furniture Home Design Do’s to Observe

Designing a home is not easy, especially if you will do it alone. There are things that can go awry as when the modern furniture pieces and interior scheme seem to contrast with each other. This can happen if a few usual things were executed incorrectly. If only these were avoided, your home would look new, feel fresh, and professionally styled.

The Do’s in Home Decorating

1.Pick a good paint color with pleasant undertones. The wall paint cover can make or destroy the look of your living space. It would be best to ask for suggestions or consult a professional.

2.  Have some space between the furniture and the wall. The furniture  should float in the room. When furniture is away from the wall, you can create areas ideal for conversation. Observe a distance of 4 to 8 feet for conversational seating.

3. Invest on new throw pillows instead of those that come with the sofa set. Get fluffy, overstuffed, and flexible throw pillows. Plush, down-filled pillows are perfect and so are the synthetic fill pillows. Another way to overstuff a pillow cover is filling it up with a pillow insert. The rule to having a firmer, beefy pillow is filling in the cover with one size larger insert. To test if the throw pillows will shape up, give it a quick karate chop to the top edge and see if their plumpness will disband.

4. Be generous with your lighting fixtures. Lighting is very important in home decorating. It states the style similar to a piece of jewelry worn over a black dress. Ensure your lighting is relevant and properly scaled. Give your home a personality via a statement piece.

5. Pick the correct area rug size. An area rug helps define areas within a room. If you want a large rug in the main sitting area, buy a large rug. Remember to have the front legs of each furniture in the group to step on the rug.

6. Establish a connection with the rooms. Link adjacent spaces visually to create a flow from one room to the other. Use an accent color, repeat a pattern, or use a visual element like a left detail from one room to another.

7. Be lavish on drapery. This area needs more. Interior designers use yards of fabric on draperies (2 1/5 to thrice the width of your windows).

8. Mix and match furniture and textiles. Enough of the “matchy” concept. Find something in common when looking for a collection of pieces, like color, style, material, motif, history, or mood.

9. Remember the details that make a piece standout. This refers to millwork trim, custom throw pillows, nailheads, welting, and inlaid floors to set up a gorgeous customized look.

It may be difficult at first but once your eyes got used to noticing          the details, you can easily see the difference of a highly crafted              piece to a machine-made mass-produced piece.

10. Use elements repetitively, layering and motifs for a professional look. The design is like fashion so layering is essential. Choose something you love then repeat the pattern or color.

So, when do you know it is enough? Elegance is the main concern. Stop when the look becomes too conforming. Decide when how much is enough. With modern furniture NYC and the above decorating do’s, you can easily design your home interior even without a professional!




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