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Does Your Room Have a Focal Point?

Having a focal point will make a room look more inviting and comfortable. It helps you arrange the furniture and accessories, too. A focal point can be an impressive piece of furniture, an architectural feature like a window or wall, an artwork, a photo, or a mirror.

Join me and learn how to identify a focal point in your room

Identifying a Focal Point

What is the largest furniture in your room? This may be a modern sectional sofa, a huge 3- or 4-seater sofa, or an entertainment center.

  1. Does the room have a distinguishing architectural feature? The common architectural feature that you can use as a focal point is the fireplace. It can also be a picture window or a custom-built bookshelf. A picture window is a window with a superb view.
  2. What is the most interesting piece to look at in the room? For that interesting piece to look at, look for something colorful, visually or texturally appealing.
  3. What is the first thing that catches the eyes upon entering the room? Look for a spectacular artwork, a beautiful floral arrangement, wall paint color, or shelving in the room.

Working Around with the Focal Point

  • Arrange your furniture around the focal point.
  • Use lighting to build up your focal point. Use track lighting, sconces, recessed lights, or flood lights.
  • Use accessories and plants to decorate your focal point.
  • Use contrasting colors to make your focal point noticeable.

In the Living Room

The fireplace is usually the focal point in the living room. If you do not have a fireplace, choose something huge, impressive, or interesting. It may be a large entertainment center, an artwork, a picture window, a mirror, or a wall. Paint that wall in a different color than the other walls.

In the Bedroom

The bed is the focal point in the bedroom. Draw attention to the bed by matching your bed linens with the curtains. Place matching nightstands and lamps on both sides of the bed is visually appealing. The drama that comes with a canopy bed will add interest to the room.

Building Your Focal Point

TV Stand

  • Place a tall indoor plant, such as a ficus tree, palm tree or schefllera on one side of the TV unit. Group some photos on the other side.
  • Place a vase, a decorative basket, or a pot of plant on top. Make sure these items are of different shapes, like a tall vase, a round basket, and a flowing plant. Place them on top of your modern TV stand in a staggering order. The different shapes, height, textures, and odd number in the placement of these items will add interest and capture anyone’s attention.

Picture Window

  • Arrange the furniture and furnishings inside and outside to utilize the outdoor view to the fullest.
  • Use curtains, accessories, or plants to frame the picture window. A better way to do this is to place matching accessories.
  • Define your picture window by placing two lamps, two plants, or two vases on each side. Doing this will bring instant attention to your focal point, similar to having two architectural columns to a big estate.

A room without a focal point lacks interest, focus and will not demand attention. It does not offer much enjoyment, too. On the other hand, a room with a focal point anchors the room by adding interest and value.

Remember, the focal point is the first thing that captures the attention when entering the room. Thus, it is necessary to arrange furniture to reflect this feature. By intensifying your focal point, each room of your home will come into focus. When this happens, you bring focus to your home that your guests will rave about!



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