Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How Room Dividers can add life to your Living Room

One of the good accessories that can add life to your living room are room dividers.   Contrary to what you think, room dividers are panels and not walls, which are used for enhancement.

Following are the probable functions of a room divider:

Separates a space in your living room to make it your activity area.  You can assign this area for reading, listening to music or for contemplating.   Have a small table, a comfortable chair or lounge, a shelf and a table lamp to make it more convenient and relaxing. You can also add another chair for private conversations.

Create a study area or an office.  Have a desk that can accommodate a laptop, an ergonomic chair, a shelf and a study lamp.  

Hide your storage boxes, baskets or shelves behind the room divider so they will not be in full view to your guests. 

Hang pictures, your kid’s school projects and other tiny curios.  Make sure, however, that these are not too weighty so the divider can hold them securely.  

Give your living room a dramatic look by putting a chaise and an ambient lighting behind a transparent divider.   Use a large furniture as your divider and you can have two rooms in your big living room.

Use it as a medium to show off the artist in you or any member of the family

Room dividers are available in various types.   There are the folding screens or doors and curtains or drapes.  Big furniture can also be used as a divider like a bookshelf.  Light weight room partitions can also act as a room divider.

Choose a divider that will match your living room theme as well as the furniture and other fixtures in it.  Examine its color, material and its quality to make sure you are buying a good one.  Make your imagination work to maximize the use of a room divider in your living room.

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