Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Difference between a Corner Table and a Corner Desk

Is a corner table the same as a corner desk?  Is it not correct to say a table is also a desk?  Well, yes; however, there is a difference between the two when it comes to usage.  A corner table is commonly seen in homes while a corner desk is typically in an office.

Let us look at the difference of these two types of furniture.

The corner table

A corner table is something that not many people have in their homes.  It is actually a helpful fitment to have around in the home.  It can serve the purpose for storing items as well as a decorative piece of furniture.  You can have it either in the living room or in the bedroom.   

Corner tables for the home can have different shapes.  It can be square, round, rectangle or even triangular.  These tables are normally small; however, they prove to be very useful.  Some are equipped with drawers where you can keep small items. 

Some are boxed-type with a small cabinet that can hold other stuff.

Stylish diminutive corner tables are made of good stylish materials like wood and glass.  You can put your table decorations on its top or a nice-looking flower vase.    

The corner desk

Corner desks are usually seen in the office. 

Corner desks can have an ‘L’ shape or a ‘V’ shape.  They save on space and at the same time increase efficiency and functionality in the office.  This furniture can have rod, wide, or tripod legs.

Offices can benefit much with having a corner desk.  It helps employees to have their equipment or supplies at hand.  This furniture has small compartments that can house other items.  It can also act as a computer table.

Both corner tables and desks are made of different materials.  The plastic ones are regarded as inexpensive, the wooden ones as durable while those made of glass are up-to-date.

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