Monday, October 17, 2011

Leather or Fabric Sofa: Which is better?

Contemporary furniture has gained wide acceptance for most homeowners because it gives the living room a stylish appearance as well as making it more comfortable.  They also offer a huge selection to customers.

One of the most integral parts of the home is the living room.  With the presence of contemporary furniture, the room becomes more appealing to your visitors as well as to your family.  It becomes more inviting and convenient to spend quality time with your family and friends.  The common furniture seen in the living room are the chairs, ottomans, coffee table, a TV stand or entertainment center, bookshelf, and the most essential is the sofa set.

Choosing a contemporary sofa set that has a revolutionary design can turn your living room to look sophisticated and modish.  These types of sofas are extremely stylish and comfortable.  They are likewise available in two types of materials:  leather and fabric.  Both the leather and fabric sofas are known for their being durable and long-lasting; hence, it may be difficult to select which of them is better.  Nevertheless, knowing the good and bad sides of both materials would help you in your decision.

An excellent quality leather sofa is extremely hard-wearing and uncomplicated to maintain.  Coffee stains and any other liquid spills or leaks will not cause its color to fade swiftly.  Cleaning the spills and stains would only require you to use a cleaning kit which can be bought in any furniture shop.

On the contrary, stains brought about by spills on fabric sofas are likely to retain.  Fabric sofas also produce undesirable smell caused by the dust and sweat it absorbs if they are not properly cleaned.  Fabric sofas also develop loose threads in the long run.

Nevertheless, fabric sofas are convenient to use and are ideal for areas with humid and warm climate.  They do not accumulate dust and dirt easily and are easy to clean, as their covers are usually detachable. 

Leather, on the other hand, is not ideal for this type of climate.  Leather easily deteriorates when exposed to sunlight and moisture for a long time.  Make sure, though, that it will not get ink or lipstick stains, as they are difficult to remove from your leather sofa.          

Leather and fabric materials for sofa are both of excellent quality and comfortable.  They are similarly available in a myriad of styles and designs.  You can always check furniture shops and online furniture stores for sofas made of these materials.  If I were you, I will check on those shops that have websites.  This is easier as you can readily get the details that you wanted to know.  It is also faster to check and compare the furniture styles, designs and prices of these online stores.  Most of these furniture stores online have a good selection of contemporary living room sofa sets that are within your budget.   

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